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ViPme® takes the guesswork out of what should be a fun-filled experience in a city where you may not be privy to the local insiders’ knowledge of where to go, which day to attend or how much you will spend. Any gaff on one of these steps could be very costly and even worse, could ruin one of your precious vacation party experiences.

With our sharp, clean and very easy to use app you will have the best options for a city's Nightlife, Daylife, Lounge or Gentlemen's Club at your fingertips. In just a few short minutes, you can have an irrefutable reservation on the books for bottle service or guest list at the exclusive (and sometimes otherwise unattainable) venue of your choosing, as if you too were a local celebrity.

Our Mobile-Only App publishes deals 20% - 30% off for VIP Bottle Service! 

No more wasting precious party-time while you watch the more fortunate cruise past you and through the velvet ropes. No more stressing out about visiting an unknown city and even more mysterious party scene, blindly gathering wads of cash in the hope that you were lucky enough to choose a true hotspot. And most of all, no more paying full price for a table when the ViPme® customer at the next table paid hundreds less.

ViPme® takes the mystery and inflated costs out of your partying experience while leaving all the power and final decision-making in your hands.

Fast. Easy. Guaranteed VIP Service. Access to the best of the city, all at a less expensive rate. You can now concentrate on the other aspects of your vacation, ViPme® has your party covered!

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Order your personalized custom apparel